All You Need To Know About Capto Golf Putting

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Knowledge is power, and knowledge about your putting technique can take your golf game to the next level. Capto Putting is a product developed by Precision Golf for golf professionals, amateurs and coaches alike.

With precision putting technology and online golf education resources, Capto Putting offers an affordable and effective way to analyze putting strokes. The high-quality measurements of the Capto putting sensor result from combining measurement frequency, sensor quantity and sensor accuracy capturing the best data possible.


Precision Putting Technology

A Capto Putting sensor attaches below the putter’s shaft and collects data that is used to analyze your stroke. The single sensor device is composed of five calibration and nine measurement sensors that work together to gather information up to 400 frames per second. At a weight of only 47 grams, Capto Putting aids are lightweight and easy to travel with. The Capto Putting sensor can used both inside and outside in a range of weather conditions. Each time it is used, the Capto Putting sensor measures over 30 parameters including the following:

Path to arcDirectional and height accelerationForward press anglesTotal swing timeFace, shaft and lie angles

After collecting the highly accurate movement data, the associated software calculates valuable mechanical parameter data. You can access the analysis in real-time and use it to reach an ideal putter position in your next stroke. This is particularly valuable for coaches during a practice session. The Capto Putting sensor can be used by anyone with Android, iOS, Windows and MacOSX, and saves information in a cloud archive strokes database for follow-up analysis.

Golf Education

The combination of three gyroscopes, three magnetometers, three accelerometers, a barometer, a hygrometer and three thermometers provide a high quantity of useful information. Utilize the putting analysis even more by engaging with our golf education resources.

Additionally, Capto offers a free e-learning course about how to use the sensor. This is a useful resource for coaches who wish to integrate the putting aid into regular analysis and stroke technique training.

Improve Your Golf Game Today

The highly informative biomechanical parameters calculated by Capto Putting analysis software is valuable information for anyone interested in improving golfing techniques. This technology is available at an affordable price lower than other putting technology competitors. The more you know about your putting stroke, the more you can do to improve it. 

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