External Aim Tool For Capto 1

External Aim Tool For Capto 1


For current Capto users, so as not to leave them behind, we have producedexternal AIM TOOL device to fix on shaft together with Capto!

Use the AIM FEATURE in the Capto APP:
- Make a simple calibration every time you use
- You can record more than one target each session
- The Capto app will understand where player  is    aiming automatically
- Add aim face number in LAB page
- Live biofeedback (sound) for good or bad aim
- Live aim compass

The Capto APP is the same for both Capto 2nd generation users (who will have no need of external add on for aim) and for Capto 1 and Aim tool users.

​A simple connection is required and calibration on the putter takes just a few seconds.
Once this is done, you’re ready to go!

Be one of the first to understand the benefits of the analysing aim using your Capto device!

Receive the same AIM TOOL benefits, without upgrading to CAPTO 2.0.